San Fransisco Giants I'm Just a Giants Fan

I'm Just a Giants Fan

This is my blog about The SF Giants!! also about baseball in general! This is a real baseball blog if your wondering. I'm not the girl who thinks players are hot and knows nothing else. I love baseball and I know a lot about it. If I follow you, I will do it via allabouttheaccessories.
I still like Nate Schierholtz, he was one of my favorite players. To me, he will always be a Giant. *WARNING: I get VERY emotional in my posts about the Giants when they're playing...
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    Me either
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    :( Prayers to his family. We recently lost a camera man to a heart attack during the game as well.
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    wow, seen something like before, thats why they pulled the railing a little higher now at our ballpark(three have...
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    He fell 30 feet from the upper deck to the outside of the stadium. The game was delayed 2 hours due to rain so maybe he...
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    He fell from the upper deck during the PHI@ATL game
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    How sad :(