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I'm Just a Giants Fan

This is my blog about The SF Giants!! also about baseball in general! This is a real baseball blog if your wondering. I'm not the girl who thinks players are hot and knows nothing else. I love baseball and I know a lot about it. If I follow you, I will do it via allabouttheaccessories.
I still like Nate Schierholtz, he was one of my favorite players. To me, he will always be a Giant. *WARNING: I get VERY emotional in my posts about the Giants when they're playing...
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Total game time: Four hours, 54 minutes. Giants manager Bruce Bochy was still 58 years old when the game started. By the time it ended, he was technically 59 (good way to ring in a birthday).

This game literally aged Bochy


Tim Lincecum pitching on Jackie Robinson Day #42


Tim Lincecum pitching on Jackie Robinson Day #42

I’m not shaving… [x]


The ONE TIME Timmy does soo well
he gets NO run support!!!!!!!


I want you all to know that it has been almost 5 hours since the start of this game